Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Magniloquent Miscarriage

I am giving birth to poetry in the night now.
These babies born, not so much in words,
as in scent and intuition.
They suckle me in those night hours.
In the gloaming, I draw sustenance from them, too.
They snuggle to me and I curve them into my arms.
We are a happy family in the eventide.

As morning tide comes in,
I am swept into a verbal amniotic sea.
Weary, spent, the poems squall for me.
Casting indicting eyes my way.
I don’t love them in the wee small hours.
Last night the verses fed my amour propre.
As day breaks, I wish to drown them
in the same bloody flood that brought them forth.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What Old Melodies and New Media Bring From Me

So I watched Sting as he played a lute,
as he sang of golden fields
as they rustled in the wind.
In my mind I wrote a scene
where two would-be lovers lay side by side.
She says, “I love you, you know.”
“Yeah,” he breathes. “Yeah,” says he, as his eyes
roll slightly back behind his lowered lids,
seeing in his mind who knows what,
“and I love you too.”
“This is the worst best thing.”
And she will turn to him and smile,
And she will raise from him and cry.
And he will whisper into her neck from behind her back,
just before she leaves him,
“You. Oh, my God, yes, you.”

Friday, October 06, 2006

An Upside Down Poem (# 4)

They are sleeping together now.
I don’t know what I expected,
but this wasn’t it.

She settles down next to him,
kisses him,
fits into the space where he is not.
And he lets her.

What do they do
when I am not looking?
I really wonder.

Did they start this when
I was working long hours?
They never let on at night.
I was totally clueless.

Maybe they needed me to be here.
I am here a lot now.
Lord knows I love them both
and if they love each other now,
I am ok with that.

My Cat and My Dog Fall in Love?

This is a followup to another upside down poem here.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Body of Work

I threw out my back.
It wasn’t much good anyway.

While I was at it,
I put my feet on notice.

What naughty part will be next?
That tongue has been a bit sharp lately.

My hands will do whatever I say.
They are very shaky.