Monday, October 16, 2006

What Old Melodies and New Media Bring From Me

So I watched Sting as he played a lute,
as he sang of golden fields
as they rustled in the wind.
In my mind I wrote a scene
where two would-be lovers lay side by side.
She says, “I love you, you know.”
“Yeah,” he breathes. “Yeah,” says he, as his eyes
roll slightly back behind his lowered lids,
seeing in his mind who knows what,
“and I love you too.”
“This is the worst best thing.”
And she will turn to him and smile,
And she will raise from him and cry.
And he will whisper into her neck from behind her back,
just before she leaves him,
“You. Oh, my God, yes, you.”


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Both of your offerings today have been impressive - this one gives a slow ache, an urge to let a tear escape from my eye.

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I enjoyed reading your offereings..they carry with them a touch that has an effect on readers!
    thank you!


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