Saturday, June 20, 2009

I think I am over blogging...

I used to go to my blog several times a day to check to see if anyone I follow had posted. I do that at facebook now. I have been writing most of what I write outside of cyberspace for a while. You can't really expect to publish anything that has been posted on a blog. That counts as "published in any media" in the fine print.

So I guess I am going to slow this down to a trickle. Most of the folk I follow are facebooking and I get their updates to their blogs that way. If you want to friend me, just go to Cynthia Huddleston and send a request.

If I write any poetry that needs to see the light of day, I will still put it here.




  1. I'll keep this blog on my list, just in case there are any updates. I've often wondered about that publishing problem should any of my "thangs" ever catch any attention...

  2. I've heard from several published poets that blogging generally doesn't get one into "trouble" when publishing in print. But who knows.

  3. Psst: There are MANY Cynthia Huddlestons on Facebook...which one is you?


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