Friday, August 26, 2011

I need some time at Laity Lodge to remember the important things

You've heard me talk about holding the poetry workshops in a Texas Hill Country retreat center. 

It's called Laity Lodge.


Adrian and I have been going there for a while. 
It's a great place to be inspired, relax...

reconnect with yourself or your lover or your God.

You hear great speakers, like Dale Bruner.

But you can catch a little personal time.

The Frio River Canyon is the perfect setting
for being in nature on a grand scale...

or a tiny one.

Most of the time when I go there, I am part of the weekend staff. 
The poetry workshops are a way to share with others what I love
about writing in a place that calms and nourishes me.

I give and fill up at the same time.  It's a good balance. 

I want to go back soon to Laity Lodge. 

After starting my last year of grad school--with papers to write, the endless reading, and the business of getting prepared to pass exams and graduate so that I can teach my own college classes--I don't want to forget
the important things.

I have a chance to win a free retreat for writers at the
 Laity Lodge Writers Retreat 29 September to 2 October.

I'd like to work on my thesis book of short stories, but who am I kidding? It will be mid-term around that time, and I will probably be researching Chaucer or T. S. Eliot. Mostly, I want to breathe fresh air, talk writing, eat delicious food, and catch my husband staring at me adoringly.
It's one of the perks of the place.

If you are a writer, why not join us. Make a reservation here. Or choose another date. Any time is a good time for a break at Laity Lodge.


  1. T.S. Eliot is an anagram of toilets.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. heh! I hope you win and that you let me stow away in your luggage and tag along. (You do still travel with a steamer trunk, right?)

  2. I hope to see you there, it's been far too long since the Franciscan Retreat at Covenant.

  3. Bouncing around all of the posts from the contest. So fun reading them all! Good luck.

  4. I am all signed up and ready for the weekend.


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