Monday, September 19, 2011

What Makes My Dress Fly Up...

Nine loves.  Easy.

9.  I love being able to walk again without crouching down like a crone or holding onto a cane.  I love being able to sleep.  I love being able to attend to the important things in life without worrying if I can stand up without help or get off the toilet.  There are still issues.  But these things are pretty nice. (Update:  Hiked for the first time since getting sick.)

8.  I love having a daughter.  I wouldn't have minded a son.  I just have no experience.  But a daughter.  It's so good I have no words for it.  I don't want to jinx perfection.

7.  I love being married to someone who does not give me reason to worry that he will drink up my earnings, bring sluts into my yard, beat me with a bone-in ham, shoot at my children in a thunderstorm, take my daughter to beer joints and a) take her into the place so that drunks can paw her or b) leave her in the car to worry that someone will see her and paw her, talk one way to strangers and a whole other way his family so that strangers think his family got a real smart guy for a daddy when he was a bum who couldn't keep a job, or, and this is key, make me lose a minutes sleep worrying that he would do something heinous to my daughter. You don't, in my experience, often find a man who is that "lacking" and Adrian deserves my loyalty and undying gratitude.

6.  I love that I am weird and yet still have people who are willing to be in my life. 

5.  I love cats. 

4.  I love my brain.

3.  I love being 51. (I have loved all my years since around 30, but not so much before that.)

2.  I love psychotherapy and good friends.

1.  And lastly, I love writing.  How else would you know all these keen things about me?


  1. He doesn't bring sluts to your yard or beat you with a bone-in ham? haaaaaaaaaaa! That whole paragraph should be some kind of anti-rap. Or something...

    I loves me some cats, too.

  2. You set kind of a low bar for us men, but you got some special circumstances for that I guess. I might mention this list to Jeanene and then kind of look at her like, "Yeah, you got you a MAN baby!"

  3. Jeanene gets to set her own standards.

  4. I love number 7!!! That's printable on a greeting card, poster or anything else.... that is the best ever. Gives me a whole new outlook on bone-in hams too..... never thought you could use them as a weapon.
    And I am glad that you are able to get about so much better... I can relate to that one. Amen

  5. Cats...not so much. But I love my brain. And I love that you love your husband like this.


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