Monday, September 26, 2011

Write Post Eat Bathe: High Anxiety..

First Secrets, now Fears
Fears?  So this Monday is gonna be one of those Mondays...

8 Fears, in no particular order, with commentary in some instances and not in others, for no particular reason:

  • I fear being in large public venues with lots of people.  Or small public venues with a moderate amount of strangers.  I am not afraid of public speaking in these places--do it all the time.  And I get along remarkably well for someone with this fear. 
  • Going down.  I found this out when I was at the top of a tower in Darmstadt, Germany and had to go back down the stone steps.  I had climbed them without noticing anything other than the view.  Now, going down, I saw that they were circular, narrow at the central point, heavily worn down from all the feet that had climbed over the centuries, and that there were People in front of and behind me, touching me.  This fear now extends to all down staircases and water slides.  However, I am not afraid of heights. 
  • Running out of food.
  • I used to be afraid of Tennessee.  It was recent enought that I still get sick sometimes when I go there.  I go there. 
  • Leaving my house.  Driving.  I do both. 
  • I used to be afraid of spiders.  Screamy afraid.  And I am not a screamer.  Then in therapy, I figured out I was displacing fears onto spiders.  Poor little mites.  Turns out they are not a bad bunch.  I kinda have a soft spot for them now since I stepped on so many.
  • Anyone who would hurt my child.  No. Scratch that.  I am afraid FOR them if I catch them.  Different thing.
  • Turns out I am not very afraid after all.

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