Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In the Presence of Greatness

Sigmund Freud is on my wall.
I lie here on the couch in fading light and see him,
dark suit, watch chain,
head tilted slightly to his right,
head resting on his hand,
fingers splayed,
arm at ninety degree bend.

There is nothing unusual about a picture of Sigmund Freud,
except, if I turn on the light,
the picture will be Hydrangeas in a Vase.

So, with a man of such renown,
not wanting to waste opportunity,
I tell him things,
a one-sided therapy--
he never speaks,
just nods a little,
flexes his fingers,
raises an eyebrow,
or two.

Perfect analyst.
No disturbing questions.
No probing.
Just quiet listening,
allowing me my own breakthroughs.

Tomorrow, I hope to get the light just right,
because, if I squint, he looks like Ulysses S. Grant,
and I want to talk War and Politics.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    "&nbspor two" showed up rather than the actual word on my screen. You know this poem is one of my favorites.

  2. I Lurve this. (Lurve: Woody Allen from "Annie Hall")

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    That's great!

    (RLP reader here.)

    It doesn't really bear any more than a superficial resemblance, but it made me think of this poem.

  4. i love the line ~ allowing my own breakthroughs. You're a wonderful poet!

  5. Good stuff! Its nice to have friends in high places that can send millions upon millions of compelte strangers to view your site. Give the G man a low five!

  6. Anonymous10:57 AM

    This is wonderful stuff. I found my way here via RLP, unsurprisingly, and I'm really glad I did. I was born and reared in Texas, though I've been living in Massachusetts for about 14 years, and I am also a writer of poems. So it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  7. Welcome to blogging! Saw you on Real Live Preacher.


  8. Thanks for coming over for a visit. I am linking your blog to mine. Hope that is okay.


  9. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Very good poem.

    I hope to visit regularly.


  10. I enjoyed this one especially. Good twist at the end. Good image of the flower picture that looks like Freud in the dark.

    Thanks for sharing!

    (I'll probably link to you as another poet blogger. Hope that's okay.)

  11. Yes, please do. This is new and weird for me to have folks reading my stuff.


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