Tuesday, May 16, 2006


    drought dry land
morning clouds tease the sky
    never share a drop

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  1. Oh, yes, like so much of Texas when there are no rains. I hope you don't mind, Cynthia, but your haiku reminded me of a poem I wrote once for an exercise in a poetry journal (based in Texas). Here it is:

    False Promises

    Storm clouds gather again tonight
    as they have each night for a week.
    The bleak wheat ripples along
    as the edge of the front tousles its heads
    and approaches the west side of town.
    Our trees awaken from their sullen nap
    and wave to welcome the breeze
    and another chance for a thunderclap.
    But again, it's only a tease--
    A few drops fall, leaving dark tears
    in the chalky earth, not nearly enough
    to deter the dust devils from dancing
    across the fallow field to leer at us,
    and taunt, "We fooled you again!"
    Those dervishes swirl away to the east,
    leading the way for the dark clouds
    which also soon are out of sight.
    We watch with resignation from the porch,
    cooler than inside, until the night
    falls, all color in the sky bled
    from the sunset, a thick dusty red.
    Tomorrow will be hot and dry again.


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