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Broken Bones Black Eyes



  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Cynthia, Real Live Preacher just sent me to your new blog. I'm so glad. There is depth and creativity in your poetry. I note that you link to a rape network. I have similar links on my poetry blog, which I invite you to visit. I think I posted a poem of mine called "Verbal Bricks" on my blog not too long ago. This poem of yours reminded me of mine.

    Keep challenging us with your poetic words.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    wow. this should be included in a book of poetry on topic. there is a woman who lived through domestic violence who wrote a book of poetry, which was published- can't recall off-hand.

    i was married to an abusive man for many years, and have counseled many women also in abusive relationships. your poetic/prophetic voice is needed in the church. so, if so compelled, please share more in this vein.

    on a side note to you- i also write poetry. started writing when i was 12 and haven't really stopped. Gordon's right- there's poetry and then there's poetry. and i think any poet who has "arrived" let's go of a good amount of control. at least i found that the more control i let go, the more beautiful the words became. i just wish i could do with a paint brush what i can do with words. it's frustrating to have to always be tied to words.

    i'm going through a process of getting a tattoo. it's almost a year in process now, and we're about half way finished. some of the imagery was expressed in a poem i wrote about going through cancer. then i wrote a poem about the tattoo process itself. i guess my tattoo is a reflection of the metaphors that i can only put into words. so it'll be really meaningful when it's finished!

    nice to read you, Cynthia. you have a gift indeed.


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