Friday, April 24, 2009

Angels at the Point

angels dancing on the head
concerns the philosophers
and the mathematicians, I suppose
census takers

I wonder about those at the point
skewered to some lapel
like a living corsage
or mounted on a display board
with a little label, curator angelus

how many have stopped dancing?
still alive like immortals must be
never to tango or twist or tarantella
I wonder that they were caught,
perhaps with eyes closed in ecstasy

trapped by demons who never dance
colateral damage in the wars for souls


  1. I like this. I think I will have to read it a couple more times...there is a lot there.

  2. i agree lots there..but i didnt have to get out my spanish dictionary today...but im leaving it out for next trip to cuba.....this a very good poem..going to read it again


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