Monday, April 27, 2009

Caution. Loose Rocks.

The doctor says I have calcium carbonate crystals
deep in my inner ear, which, when functioning
normally, respond to the movement of my body,
keeping me oriented in the world, balanced.

They have gotten loose. I am dizzy.

I have this boyfriend whose quirky smile connects
deep in the left ventricle of my heart, causing
me to catch my breath when I see him, and
when he is near, I find myself losing my upsides.

He is smiling at me now. I am dizzy.

I don't know if the doctor is right about my crystals.
He seems to know these things, but I suspect it's just
the boy that's doing this. The doctor says I have loose
crystals. My girlfriends say I have rocks in my head.


  1. Love it, especially the repeat of 'I am dizzy."

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    After 40 years, I still get dizzy!


  3. nice one....loose in diamonds?

  4. This is funny. I like your take on the words fro WRP.


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