Friday, April 10, 2009

Poems, Like My Panties

You will never see most of what I write.

Like Top Secrets, and my panties, they are Eyes Only
and the eyes meant to read them
do not need the words on a page.

Love poems
in code
written in my all over my face.


  1. Love this! The simile of Top Secrets and panties brought a smile to my face. And I love "Love poems/in code/written in my all over my face."

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    OMGOSH! I'm speechless!

  3. great...hey can't read all the poems posted BUT..soon as "poems like my panties" were before my eyes..of course I bacame interested. would be great title for your book of poems...keep writing

  4. I enjoyed the simile and humor here.

  5. I like it. The brevity works. Maybe bump 'eyes only' to its own line to keep your line lengths a little more consistent?

  6. Love the last 3 lines especially.


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