Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Send Happy Thoughts

I want to be able to do my senior thesis next year as a Creative Writing Thesis at my college. I don't even know if they will let me. I am just asking now and just thought of it yesterday. If you are a praying person, would you be in prayer for such a thing. And if you are a think happy thoughts person, would you do that? And if you don't like me, would you sleep late tomorrow and not send any bad ju ju my way?

'preciate it,


  1. Dear Lord,
    Please help me to keep thinking happy thoughts for Cynthia to be able to do her senior thesis as a Creative Writing thesis and make sure the professor who is more flexible about these things does not sleep late and the one who would be a curmudgeon does.


  2. The department chair responded positively...awaiting everyone else's furniture to get happy. Yay!


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